Come look at what I've found


look at what ive found
see the moon in the water
see the smile on its face
that old man has seen it all
yet still he finds our posturing amusing

The angry sun has no real sense of humour
he just burns his red bad temper
boiling with his rage

come and see the hawk
waiting in his tall tree
not afraid of being there
he owns his stage
and everything upon it he surveys
no thing preys on him
he wears his majesty like light

look at the eyes
beneath the moon
within the lake
the age old carp stare back
with all their fishy knowledge
wise beyond loud owls
they eat sleep cogitate and wait
for what the world might do
they could tell you everything there is
if they could talk to you
if you could listen

beside the waters edge
the sedge weighs down its head
and drinks the moonlight in
rat runs in between about his nightly buisness
pleased just to be in the silverlight

all is right tonight
belly's full
under the bright and promising moon
the soft winds smell of Autumn
and its plenty. As yet ,only the carp know of winter.

ronnie dorsey 1. 10. 2010.


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