A War Time Pear

A War Time Pear

they gave me a precious goldpink pear
War time hardships,
The thousand yard stare
My young old eyes had never seen
Such luscious fare
It came from Spain they said
All the way from Spain
Again they said the word
And sunshine filled the air

That first bite
Quite beyond compare
With English Cox's or the usual
Hard green pear
I savored the sweet juice
So very rare
It's glistening white flesh
And wondered where
In which river were the roots
Of such a tree
The water in the fruits
From where could that be ?
Where had it travelled to?
To filter through that tree
Within that pear across the sea
To end it's journey here in me
And after me?
Where would it be?
Which tree which fruit which river
Or which sea
Which sun would ripen it?

Ronnie Dorsey


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