Wedding day

A Poem for Lydia and Greg. Written with love and the most sincere hopes for their future and all of ours

Wedding Day

We waited for a long time,
To be sure enough,
secure enough in love
We didn't really need to tho',
We always knew
That it was right,and real and true

Here we are
This day is ours for marrying
For carrying on the old traditions
We are standing here in sight of everyone
Before our family, our friends
And we are making vows
As loud and proud as possible,
We are wedded now as one.
And where we were TWO before
Now we will be ONE
A perfect union

And so we start our great adventure
Into marriage and the art of life
Husband and wife
Whatever comes along
The complicated and the simple things
Will be much easier to bear

We will discover all the wonders of our love
And we will put it high
Above all others
As every day we'll see it grow
See it blossom into something more
More sure, more close, more strong
As true love always does. sept 3 2011


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