Orange Blossoms

Orange Blossoms
She wore the April orange blossom in her hair
it sang to her in notes of old songs that she recognised
smelling of marzipan and frangipani
in another language
as Jacaranda trees came to her mind
behind verandas pink with sun arise
and gold with its setting in the west
She wore Cassiopeia in her eyes
she made it mine
constellations newly borne
as more grew more
she smiled them into birth
then handed them to me
completely free
to gaze forever on
in awe and wonderment
fundamentally the world belonged to her
now all belongs to me
And I will handle things with care
keep close to my heart
its welfare and its worth
guard and guide
until its time to share with other glories
all the gifts I've saved to give to you
although they maybe only in these words

 ronnie dorsey 4. 10. 2010


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