Note to a child

Note to a child. 8 April 2011.
With all the knowledge of the dark
I stand outside the light
The cone of light that guards you
Whilst you sleep
Keeps safe the bed
From all your monsters
I watch the peace of it sit all around
And listen to the tide of breath
Rise in your chest
Lest you should stop or cry
Or dream your monsters here
The daily miracles all disappear
And fear sits on my heart
The fear of losing what I've found in you
Such love. Such pride
A wonderment I never knew could be
A piece of me set free
And breathing on it's own
A fragment of a star
And here you are in peaceful sleep
As I take on the monsters
Battle demons of the dark
Watch over you, my child, my dear..

 Ronnie. Xxxx.
 Written in the small hours


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